Global Toggle Hotkey of Presentation Assistant

A hotkey is a key press combination that sends a command to Presentation Assistant to activate a application command. Using a hotkey provides a short-cut method to taking your operation. Using a hotkey also allows you to quickly take your operation without having to interact with the Presentation Assistant interface.

The following default hotkey are used in all view of the main interface of Presentation Assistant. To customize these hotkey, Select menu File -> Program Preferences and select the tab Global Hotkeys.


To do this

 Press this Key Combination:

Whiteboard toggle Ctrl + 1
Screen Drawing toggle Ctrl + 2
Live Drawing toggle Ctrl + 3
Full-screen zooming toggle Ctrl + 4
Lens Mode Magnifier toggle Ctrl + 5
Live Zoom toggle Ctrl + 6
Capture the full screen Ctrl + 7
Capture a selected window Ctrl + 8
Capture a region of screen Ctrl + 9
Launch or close the SpotLight Ctrl + Shift + S
Launch or close the Curtain Ctrl + Shift + C
Launch or close the Arrow tool Ctrl + Shift + A
Launch or close the Black Screen tool Ctrl + Shift + B
Play or pause music Ctrl+ M



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