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This is an interesting presentation utility. Unlike Microsoft Sysinternals ZoomIt, it can draw on a “live” screen. It has many features and options.  It might be useful for video screen recording apps.
Comment by Fubar 

 It should be helpful for the training videos I produce.
Comment by Moore

Nice little program for presentations.
Comment by  J.T.

In my job I do lots of software training simulations / demonstrations, delivered via web-based training, using Adobe Captivate. I frequently have to add effects in Captivate to draw attention to a screen area. I did a test run training sim with Presentation Pointer and it works just fine – toggle On to draw attention where I need it then toggle Off to continue. Everything is captured. This will reduce development time and enhance the finished product. The Publisher has some other tools that may be useful to me and I intend to purchase after using the Trial. 
Comment by Tom 

I hold presentations quite often, and in this connection I have used the small and portble program Zoomit from Windows Sysinternals (bought by Microsoft. This is very good. But after using Presentation Pointer for halv an hour, I would say that this is even better – an extremely useful help during presentations. The visual presentation of mouse clicks is very instructive!
Comment by Dlira 

I believe it’s a great alternative to Mousepose for MAC. A must have tool for those involved in demos at tradeshows, presentations and trainings….great app for Internet Marketers, teachers and IT Trainers
Comment by Giovanni

Presentation Pointer is a nice, small alternative to the free ZoomIt [Sysinternals at microsoft.com], with a slightly different feature set — Presentation Pointer doesn’t zoom in, but it adds a nice spotlight view & mouse click animation [both switchable]. Another area where they differ is text display — ZoomIt lets you type notes etc. that’ll show up in screen shots you might take while zoomed in; Presentation Pointer shows what keys you pressed in a darkened area at the bottom of the screen. While both apps support hot keys, Presentation Pointer relies more on it’s option menu, & it’s also a little bigger than ZoomIt with it’s single file. Despite it’s larger size, Presentation Pointer also uses a bit less resources than ZoomIt, per Process Explorer in a XPMode VM [since that VM has (much) fewer resources, resource use shows up better, is easier to track & compare], that is until you turn on the Spotlight Effect, which raised CPU % from <2 to spikes approaching 80%… thankfully you can set a time limit so things go back to normal in a couple or few seconds — otherwise I'd guess that combined with whatever else a lower powered laptop was doing, you might get enough lag trying to switch it off that it could get embarrassing.

I think Presentation Pointer is a worthwhile addition to most everyone's toolbox, if for no other purpose than when you want to point something out on-screen — fingers can be too fat, leave fingerprints [I hate cleaning non-glare LCDs], & well, Sharpies really are permanent. Laser pointers are cheaper [$1] but annoying, & they’re not persistent — you can draw however many lines [w/w/out arrows] with Presentation Pointer [or ZoomIt], & they’ll stay there until you clear them, so you can do far more than show someone what you’re looking at right then, right there. 

Comment by mike 

This program gives you control of the size, color and actions of the mouse pointer, the radius of the spotlight, the opacity of the background, whether the effects remain or fade out and for how long, the colors, you can live draw, and you can set which monitor you want the effects to be on, in a multi-monitor setup. You can even change the radius of the spotlight on the fly with a hotkey. If you do any presentations at all, this would be a very handy tool to have. I also tried Pen Attention, and of the two, Presentation Pointer has the better features for a truly professional presentation.

It will be very useful in this shared screen function of Skype to bring attention to various parts of the screen, I shall certainly be keeping it.
Comment by OldScotty 

I like this software just as much for its unique features.

Comment by Hubert

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Unlike Microsoft Sysinternals ZoomIt, it can draw on a “live” screen. It has many features and options. ...

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Presentation Pointer lets you:

  • Highlight mouse pointer that makes it easy for your audience to follow your actions on the screen.
  • Grab your audience's attention and focus!
  • Draw freely on the screen but not lock the screen.
  • Display Keystrokes to make it more understandable for your audience.
  • And so much more...
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