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Compare ZoomIt with GoldGingko's Presentation Assistant Series

ZoomIt is a popular presentation utility for zooming and drawing on the screen. Although ZoomIt is a free add on it is very limited on presentation and teaching.


First, ZoomIt cannot be controlled without the Keyboard. For example, you must press a key to change the pen width, or change the pen color, or switch to a sketch pad, or type text on screen, or exit the draw mode.

Many teachers use Tablet PC, and there are some tablets do not have full integrated keyboards. There are also many teacher and presenter use Wacom Graphics Tablet.

Who uses the keyboard frequently while giving a presentation?

The second is ZoomIt does not use Tablet PC digital ink features. Of course, Zoomit's drawing mode accepts digital pen input. There is no problem with drawing simple shapes. But if you try to write a sentence on the screen, it is "choppy". It does not react quickly. Because the pen is treated as a mouse by ZoomIt.

The third is ZoomIt seems to take a photo of the screen for you to draw on - so the screen stays static while you draw, until you hit the ESC button. Also, the LiveZoom has a number of limitations: drawing and typing are not supported.

The other thing with ZoomIt was that it did not have multiple monitor support. Whichever screen your task bar is on is the screen you are allowed to write on.

In comparison, A series of presentation utility provided by GoldGingko (includes Presentation Assistant, Presentation Assistant, Presentation Pointer and Presentation Assistant) work with tablet PC controls perfectly. It uses the digital ink technology, so you can write on screen very smoothly. And the presenter will be able to perform all actions with the mouse or the digital pen, not using the keyboard.

Moreover, GoldGingko's presentation software series allows you to draw freely on the screen but not lock the screen, so you can draw on "live" screen. They also have multiple monitor support.

The table below illustrates the differences among ZoomIt and GoldGingko's presentation software series.




Helps you explain computer-based content in much better detail

Draw freely on screen Yes
Electronic Whiteboard Yes
Full Screen Zoom Yes Yes
Live Zoom Yes Yes
Screen Magnifier - Lens Mode   Yes
Screen Magnifier - Windows Mode   Yes
Digital Ink Technology   Yes
Multiple Monitor Support   Yes
Draw on "Live" Screen   Yes
Not Using the Keyboard   Yes

Additional Tools

Spotlight   Yes
Curtain   Yes
Arrow Point   Yes
Screen Capture   Yes
Screen Digital Clock   Yes
Hide output on projection screen   Yes
User Tools   Yes

Help Preside Over a Meeting More Effectively

Countdown Yes Yes
Task Shortcuts   Yes
Playing background music   Yes
Monitor Switch   Yes

Grab Your Audience’s Attention and Focus

Pointer Effect   Yes
Mouse Click Effect   Yes
Keystrokes Displaying   Yes

Presentation Assistant has lot more options and utilities than Microsoft Systinternals ZoomIt, except that ZoomIt is free but very limited. PA has more options for Drawing, Image, Arrows etc.
I didn’t find any support in ZoomIt for Dual Monitors and not even if I can switch between monitors..

Professor, Clemson University

This is an interesting presentation utility. Unlike Microsoft Sysinternals ZoomIt, it can draw on a “live” screen. It has many features and options. It might be useful for video screen recording apps..

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