Shortcut keys for drawing

Presentation Assistant allows you draw on screen. It is faster and more convenient to draw with the hotkeys. Below is the full list of them.

Note: The key combs are available only when the screen drawing mode is enabled.

To do this

 Press this Key Combination:

Increase/decreases the size of the drawing brush Up/Down
Cycles through the available brush colors

Right/Left or Mouse Wheel

Cycles through the available shapes Space
Cycles through the available line style or picture Tab
Exit drawing mode but drawings remained Right Click

Switch to select mode
Clear all and return to Windows while in select mode

Repeat the previous function F3
Removes the last drawn Backspace
Forces horizontal/vertical drawing line Shift
Draw straight line on screen L
Draw polyline on screen O
Draw screen freely P
Draw using brush B
Write text on screen T
Draw image on screen I
Draw rectangle on screen R
Draw ellipse on screen E
Draw solid rectangle on screen Shift + R
Draw solid ellipse on screen Shift + E
Clear all Ctrl+Del
Choose the brush color 1 - 8


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