Product Comparison

Presentation Pointer is a cursor highlighting software which makes it easy for your audience to follow your actions on the screen.

Presentation Assistant is the best screen annotation, zoom and assistant tool for presentation. It comes in three editions - Standard, Professional and Ultimate. The Ultimate edition includes the full functionality of  Presentation Pointer.

Presentation Screen Master is a new innovative product that let's you presenting only area of your screen that you want to the audience, viewers will not be able to see any other content on your desktop. It is completely different from Presentation Assistant and Presentation Pointer

See the table below to compare the features available for the three editions, and choose the one that best suits your needs.





Presentation Pointer

Presentation Screen Master

Draw on Screen

Draw freely on screen
  • Pencil, Brush, Line, Poly Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Text, Image, Shape Recognition
  • Transparency Effects
  • Different pen width and color
  • Undo, Redo, Export

Electronic Whiteboard

  • Draw freely on the board
  • Add as many boards as you want
  • Set different background color

Live Drawing on Screen

  • Allows you to draw freely on the screen but not lock the screen.
  • Draw horizontal, vertical lines
  • Draw arrow lines
  • Press hotkey to clear all
    Yes Yes  

Screen Magnifier

Full Screen Zoom

  • Zooming screen with the keyboard or wheel
  • Zoom with selection rectangle
  • Allow annotating
Yes Yes    

Live Zoom

  • Zoom in and zoom out the windows but allows you to work on the screen.
  • Support the drawing
    Yes Yes  
Screen Magnifier Lens Mode Yes Yes Yes    
Screen Magnifier Windows Mode     Yes    

Screen Capture

Capture Entire Screen Yes Yes    
Capture Selected Window Yes Yes    
Capture Region of Screen Yes Yes    

Presentation Tools


  • Different Shapes
  • Transparency Effects
Yes Yes Yes    


  • Different Shapes
  • Transparency Effects
Yes Yes    

Arrow Point

  • Drag on the Arrow Point to move in any direction
  • Select different color and change the size
Yes Yes    


  • Displays a countdown or a normal clock on the projection screen to show the reminder time.
  Yes Yes    

Monitor Switch

  • Quickly move windows between monitors.
  Yes Yes    
Screen Digital Clock Yes Yes    
Hide output on projection screen Yes Yes    
User Tools Yes Yes    

Help Preside Over a Meeting More Effectively

Task Shortcuts

  • Open documents and programs quickly during the presentation.
  Yes Yes    

Playing background music

  • Playing background music conveniently during the presentation
  Yes Yes    

Grab Your Audience’s Attention and Focus

Pointer Effect

  • Spotlight Effect
  • Eye-catching Cursor
  • Stop automatically after a certain timeout
    Yes Yes  

Mouse Click Effect

  • Display a circle when you click your mouse
  • Different colors for different buttons
  • Animation Effect
  • Play Click Sounds
    Yes Yes  

Keystrokes Displaying

  • Displays your keystrokes in an overlay at the bottom of the screen.
  • Keystroke Filter: Allows you to define a list of custom keystrokes that will not be displayed.
    Yes Yes  

Presenting Area of your Screen

 Present only selected area         Yes
 Present only an application         Yes
Pause or resume the screen presenting         Yes
Zoom in or Zoom out         Yes
Annotate on the presenting         Yes
Cursor Effect         Yes
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