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Graphic Shapes Gallery

Custom Graphic Shapes donated by Presentation Assistant users

How to download and install individual graphic shapes
  1. Right click on the graphic, and save it locally.
  2. Copy the graphic file to the one subfolder of C:\Program Files\Presentation Assistant\Gallery
  3. Restart Presentation Assistant.

Creating your own shapes

When Presentation Assistant is launched, it looks for all subfolder and PNG files at the subfolder "Gallery" of the Presentation Assistant installation directory.

You can create any graphic you like, and as long as you save it in PNG format, and name it as described, and copy it to the folder "C:\Program Files\Presentation Assistant\Gallery". The Presentation Assistant will use it for the shape graphic.

There are a couple of points to be aware of to get the best from your graphic shape.

  • If the software you are using supports transparency, make use of it.
  • Save your pointer as a 24 bit PNG, as any transparency performs better at this depth.
  • Keep the area under the point of the mouse transparent, so that when you dismiss the pointer with a mouse click, you can see what you are clicking on.

Sharing your Graphic Shapes

If you create a graphic shape that you want to share, click here to send it to us and we will display it on this site for others to download.

Please do not place any licensing or distribution restrictions on your pointers.

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