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Write or Draw freely on Computer Screen During Presentations

With the Screen Draw Tools of Presentation Assistant, you can draw all kinds of lines, rectangles, circles, or add text marks or picture marks on the computer screen to emphasize or clarify the text or diagrams, so the interpretation or demonstration can be clearer.

Drawing on computer screen when you want to:

  • Demonstrate how to work with a software application or point to any error by circling it.
  • Stress on important details in a complex picture, map or diagram.
  • Explain how to navigate through, develop or modify a web site.
  • Highlight important aspects in company presentations, demos and tutorials.

1. How to write and draw on screen

To Draw on screen, just click the Screen Draw button or with the system-wide hot keys Ctrl + 2, The screen will be frozen and a drawing toolbar will float on screen.

draw and write on screen

The screen draw tools include: Line, Arrow, Pen, Brush, Rectangle and Ellipse, And you can choose from different width pens to draw in your choice of color.

screen drawing toolbar

The following table describes each of the screen draw tools along with their description and use.

Button Tool Name Description & Use
Draw line on screen Line Draw straight line on screen with selected line style
draw polyline on screen Polyline Draw polyline on screen, Double-click when done
drawing screen freely Pencil Draw free-form line on screen
drawing screen Brush Draw using a brush
write on screen Text Write text on screen
mark image on screen Image Draw image on computer screen
write rectangle on screen Rectangle Draw rectangle or square on screen
mark ellipse on screen Ellipse Draw ellipse on screen
write screen Solid Rectangle Draw solid rectangle on screen
mark solid ellipse on screen Solid Ellipse Draw solid ellipse on screen
screen drawing and clear Clear All Clear all and exit screen drawing

2. Draw on Live Screen

You can aloso click the Live button to draw on a “live” screen without freezing screen. For example you can write or draw on a video as it was playing.

3. Draw on Whiteboard

Presentation Assistant emulates a computer whiteboard.Click Board button and shows as following.


4. Shortcut keys for computer screen drawing

As shown below, the hotkey are available when screen draw is enabled.

To do this

 Press this Key Combination:

Increase/decreases the size of the drawing brush Up/Down
Cycles through the available brush colors Right/Left
Cycles through the available shapes Space
Cycles through the available line style or picture Tab
Zoom in/Zoom out Ctrl+Wheel
Release mouse Right Click
Switch to select mode
Return to Windows while in select mode
Repeat the previous function F3
Removes the last drawn Backspace
Forces horizontal/vertical drawing line Hold Shift Key
Draw straight line on screen L
Draw polyline on screen O
Draw screen freely P
Draw using brush B
Write text on screen T
Draw image on screen I
Draw rectangle on screen R
Draw ellipse on screen E
Draw solid rectangle on screen Shift + R
Draw solid ellipse on screen Shift + E
Clear all Ctrl + Del
Choose the brush color 1 - 8

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Free Download PA

Quick info

Presentation Assistant lets you:

  • Draw on screen to communicate for meetings, presentations, and training.
  • Zoom in screen to make it more visible.
  • Use Spotlight or Curtain to attract the audience to focus on the special screen area.
  • Virtual Whiteboard lets your draw on screen making it an ideal tool during presentations.
  • Open documents and programs quickly during the presentation.
  • Play background music conveniently during the presentation.
  • Quickly move windows between monitors.
  • Grab your audience's attention and focus!
  • And so much more...
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