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Virtual Whiteboard Software

Presentation Assistant emulates a computer whiteboard. It basically lets the user draw basic forms and objects on the whole computer screen making it an ideal tool during presentations, video conferences or other kinds of meetings where the computer monitor is being shown.
Click Board button to launch the Virtual Whiteboard. You can create as many whiteboard you want, change the background color of the whiteboard at will.
Virtual Whiteboard
The whiteboard software provides various drawing tools include: Line, Arrow, Pen, Brush, Rectangle and Ellipse, And you can choose from different width pens to draw in your choice of color.
  • Click Up or Down button to switch over the whiteboard.
  • Click Add button to create a new whiteboard. Click Del button to delete the current whiteboard.
  • Click Background button and select a color to change the background color of the selected whiteboard.
  • Click Exit button to close the Virtual Whiteboard.
The control pane of Presentation Assistant also displays the snap of all whiteboards.
whiteboard software
Double-click a board to open it. Click Rename button to rename the selected board. Click Export button to export the selected electronic whiteboard as image files.
Presentation Assistant can be used as interactive whiteboard software too.

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Quick info

Presentation Assistant lets you:

  • Annotate screen to communicate for meetings, presentations, and training.
  • Zoom in screen to make it more visible.
  • Use Spotlight or Curtain to attract the audience to focus on the special screen area.
  • Virtual Whiteboard lets your draw on screen making it an ideal tool during presentations.
  • Open documents and programs quickly during the presentation.
  • Play background music conveniently during the presentation.
  • Quickly move windows between monitors.
  • Grab your audience's attention and focus!
  • And so much more...
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